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————— Your STRONG eyewear business PARTNER, Ousen always creates VALUES for customers and delivers MORE than expected. We are professional glasses manufacturers for your bespoke product lines.
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To Be Your Best Eyewear Supplier
One-Stop Eyewear Service To Save Your Time And Money!
Provide super cost-effective glasses for chain
brand merchants and supermarkets
Free Exclusive Designs
We can provide free exclusive designs, 30-50 model/month.Or design according to requirements and complete on the same day.
Flexible Payment Methods
For  VIP clients. In addition to T/T, we also support L/C and O/A payments, with payment terms extendable up to 180 days. This ensures payment security while assisting clients in managing their cash flow effectively.
Precise CNC Machine Cutting
Professional Eyewear Manufacturer ———————————————————————————————
Our acetate material eyewears include acetate material optical frames and acetate material sunglasses. We establish long-term and stable cooperation with JIMEI, JINYU, mazzucchelli1849 and other high-quality acetic acid raw material suppliers to provide high-quality materials! ECO-Biodegradable Material (POP②) and ECO-Recycled Material (VIVI②) and High Density Material are also available.
Eyewear/Sunglasses made of PC, TR90, AC, CP, TPEE PEI and use the injection molding process.
Types: optical glasses frame/sunglasses/children's glasses/sports glasses/reading glasses/blue light blocking glasses.
Injection Frame
Professional Eyewear Manufacturer—————————————————————————————
Advantage Eyewear Process Line
Injection Molding, Metal And Acetate Glasses
We can provide metal frames in different materials and colors.
Our company's unique welding process can make the hinge and pad arm stronger.
Provide various metals, alloys, Monel, brass, phosphor bronze, cupronickel, memory alloy, 18K gold, pure titanium, beta titanium and other metals frame eyewear.
Metal Eyewear
Professinal Eyewear Factory
Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Ousen EyewearQ: Are you Eyewear Factory?A: Yes, we are eyewear factory in China with more than 16+ years experience in eyewear. Q: How to do business with us?A: If y...
2023 Acetate Glasses Trend Foreca. As consumers pay more and more attention to the digital age, fashion glasses have a new upgrade in reconstructed design and vibrant color matching.
We are a professional eyewear manufacturer in China serving professional eyewear importers, wholesalers, distributors, brands and more around the world! Welcome cooperation consultation!

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