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Acetate Glasses - 2023 Spring And Summer Trend Forecast

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Acetate Glasses - 2023 Spring And Summer Trend Forecast

As consumers pay more and more attention to the digital age, fashion glasses have a new upgrade in reconstructed design and vibrant color matching.

Individual aesthetics, innovative details and practical style infuse the infinite possibilities of the real and virtual worlds.

Consumers in 2023 will be hungry for products and experiences that bring a sense of exaggeration to their daily lives, and they also expect these products to come to   them in bright and eye-catching colors.

1. Cat Eye Glasses

The must-have cat-eye glasses for fashionistas will be presented in a variety of styles for spring/summer 2023, with fun designs for retro vacations and crazy party trends being the

main driving force!   When developing cat-eye glasses, pay attention to the slender and exaggerated sharp corners and cellulose acetate frames.

Recommended style:

Cat Eye Glasses          Cat Eye Glasses

2. Oversized Rectangular Glasses

Oversized silhouettes took the runway by storm once again, and unsurprisingly, the classic rectangular-shaped glasses also returned with Y2K millennial hues and digital-age electronic sci-fi.

In the development of rectangular glasses, in addition to the oversized size is the highlight, its versatile thick frame design is the key, and it can be easily designed for   fission and innovation.

Recommended style:

Oversized Rectangular sunglasses          Oversized Rectangular sunglasses

3. Round Sunglasses

Round frames are usually both childlike and elegant. More elements will be added to round glasses in the spring and summer of 2023. Youthful vitality and fashionable   and changeable designs   are the main trends.

In the design of round glasses, in addition to the innocence of the circle itself, adding animals, flowers, and plaid German elements will also become the key to the design.

Recommended style:

Round Sunglasses     Round Sunglasses     eyewear     fashion sunglasses

4. Goggles

Catering to consumers' demand for outdoor sports and protective design caused by the epidemic, oversized goggles are still the key in the spring and summer of 2023.

Combined with the prediction of consumers' attention to the Metaverse, goggles with great personality and avant-garde shape will be favored by consumers   of   the   Z generation,

and it is recommended to introduce design styles suitable for sports trends and futurism!

Recommended style:

oversized goggles          oversized goggles

5. Glasses Color

In addition to the shape of the glasses, bold gradients and fluorescent colors reflect consumer optimism, and with Gen Z's growing interest in hedonic pursuits, the   metaverse and the digital age, eye-catching ultra-bright eye shades will return.

Recommended style color:

Acetate Glasses - 2023 Spring And Summer Trend Forecast color

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